Rethinking the urban house-share: MINI creates the world’s first MINI LIVING building in Shanghai.

Sam Frentzel-Beyme Follow Managing Partner & Strategy Director

Back in 1959, MINI was already maximising the space available within a very small footprint. Fast forward to today, and MINI LIVING is transferring this know-how from the vehicles we drive into the places where we live. Attractive living options in large cities are declining as urbanisation continues to gather pace, and so since its launch in 2016, MINI LIVING has been developing new kinds of need-oriented living concepts which seek to maximise quality of life from minimal spaces. The newest MINI LIVING project is an innovative co-living concept located in the well-developed Jing’An district of Shanghai. Peter Schwarzenbauer, Board Member of BMW AG (responsible for MINI) signed a contract with Chinese property developer Nova in November last year to transform an unused industrial complex into a vibrant urban neighborhood and create a genuine alternative within the Shanghai rental market. The multi-layered co-living initiative will comprise modern apartments, co-working spaces, large community lobbies and gardens, and shops and restaurants that will also be open to the public. “We’re offering a place that can adapt to its residents, is flexible and allows room to breathe,” explains Esther Bahne, Head of MINI Brand Strategy, “It makes those first steps into a new city that much smoother. The idea is that our residents really feel at home here.”



Source: BMW Group

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