All about rebranding

Go beyond theory and learn color like a pro in this course from Greg Gunn. You'll master how to see, understand, and use color to create fresh, original work.

The plan comes before the brand.

A brand is the feeling or impression customers have about your business. How this feeling is generated, though, comes from a brand strategy. Let's take a look into how buzz-worthy brands are built.

What's Inside

Discovery Work Sessions

Ask questions that lead to solutions

Find out what problem your clients need to solve and what’s important to them and their business. Determine the customer profiles, brand attributes, and establish the creative brief.

Strategy Facilitation

From “order-taker” to strategic leader

You’re not just a designer. You can move the discovery sessions along smoothly and efficiently to land on the client’s vision. You’ll help them exceed their goals and clearly provide a plan of action.

Build & Define Brands

Find their X-factor

Help clients see why their brand is different and not just another “I do that, too” company. Using the insights from the discovery session, you’ll be able to create designs that are unique and exciting.

Charge For Discovery

Turn strategy sessions into a service

The discovery meeting is an essential and necessary step to architecting a brand. It’s what sets the course for everything to come. You’ll quickly learn that this is the most valuable asset to your process, and that you can charge for a discovery session before you charge for the deliverables.

Who this is for

This guidebook is for anyone working in client-facing engagements

For the freelancer, studio owner, or creative director, CORE Discovery will help you become a better facilitator and run in-depth discovery sessions. This guidebook was made for you:

Graphic Designers

Web Designers

Brand Strategists

Creative Directors

All about rebranding

All About Rebranding is a simple framework to help you and your clients work together toward a plan that achieves their business goals.

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What's inside

Client strategy sessions

4 New Exercises

Discovery Templates

Exclusive Q&A webinar