The instructions say to use about 18 inches of floss each time. I was using about using about four feet.

September 1, 2021


Sam Frentzel-Beyme

Strategic Branding

Creating Brand Reach

The Short of It

  • How brands drive action can provide insight into perceived value.
  • Driving distance to get a product is an extension of brand value.
  • Understanding whether your product is desired or tolerated is a useful insight to understanding overall competitiveness.

The instructions say to use about 18 inches of floss each time. I was using about using about four feet. The reason: I wanted to get rid of the brand I was using as soon as possible and get back to “my” brand—good ‘ol Johnson & Johnson Mint Waxed REACH. The person who brought the other floss into the house will remain nameless.

While many people think about branding as the logo and the visual design, which is of course a part, they forget that products and service can only become brands that claim long-term mindshare when they consistently deliver a great experience. A professor I know who previously worked at P&G used to say that branding was really just about effectively communicating a great product. If the product wasn’t great, it would never make it out the door. I love this approach to marketing because it puts the product where it should be—right at the core.

The value of creating these brands is that you build a user base that becomes a little fanatical. Had it been me shopping for floss, I would have driven across town to get the floss that I know will deliver the experience I want.

Yes, this all sounds a little over the top when talking about a product that costs under $5, but if this small outlay can in fact deliver a small joy, then it makes the purchase that much more logical since these days small joys can be hard to come by.

As you look at your organization’s product or service, is it one that people will travel the extra mile to get? Will they bend over backwards to work with you? Or will their experience with you simply be one of getting through it as soon as possible, so they can get back to what they really want.

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